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Acadia Workshop

This project was developed during a design charette hosted by rigidized metals in which a project was designed, fabricated, and assembled in two days. The concept was to create a panelized surface in which a single panel unit was able to intuitively handle a corner condition i.e. ceiling to wall, wall to wall, etc., a common problem that parametrically designed surfaces face. Utilizing scalar shifts and faceted surfaces, a single unit was developed that could be aggregated into a global system addressing the issues of changing surface orientation. We then developed the system parametrically and from that model, created fabrication drawings. We were then walked through the fabrication process while our unit panels were being made. Our project was manufactured through an industrial fabrication process. Taking the fabricated panels, we assembled a localized corner condition of our global form.

Fall 2013

Rigidized Metal Fabrication Workshop


Team Members: Hanna Ihrke, Dan Vrana, David Heaton, John Constentello

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