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Front of Pool Looking Out FINAL.jpg

Caribbean Villa

The concept for the Caribbean Beach House is to frame beautiful views and create a flow through the whole project that reinforces the quiet ocean view. From the moment you enter the space, glass walls orient your view through the main shared area across the pool and out to the ocean. The plan is oriented in such a way that each suite and shared space has access to the pool, their own private view out to the ocean, and privacy. While each suite has privacy they are all interconnected by a roof plane bringing a sense of unity to the project. Each space is afforded an ocean view by allowing the walls facing the ocean to be made of clear Nana walls while the privacy walls are solid and all oriented to frame the ocean view and make each suite feel like its own luxury private villa. Ecology and materials were deeply considered when designing this project. Each space is set up to allow for the glass walls to open up and take advantage of a cool sea cross breeze. This will allow for the owner to mitigate power consumption, but more importantly to create a comfortable environment for the occupants. These glass walls can be made private with simple draped curtains as shown in some of the visualizations. The main space is also set up to allow for the use of the ocean cross breeze. Furthermore, the roof plane that connects all of the spaces has been made in such a way to collect rainwater and direct them to the gravel area in front of the edge suites. Here the
gravel is layered to allow for natural filtration of the rain water as it moves to the cistern.

Designers: David Heaton & Randy Fernando

Front of Pool Looking Out FINAL
Front of Far Left Room Final
Mid House Out Final
Looking To Guest Room Cropped FINAL
Tree on Left Mid Final
Mid Left Room Out FINAL
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