modern carport / breezeway

Summer 2012

Arcbazaar Competition 


3rd Place



This design focuses on creating an extension of the home rather than an addition.  This is done by creating an open space that invites one into the home and encourages relaxation, but also has the capacity to encourage interaction between the users in breezeway and visitors passing by.  


Rather than make the carport a seperate structure, it was decided that the existing roof be extended out to create an overhang that protects the vehicle.  This unifies the exterior of the house to the breezeway. The breezeway itself focuses on framing a view and creating a relaxing environment.  A dark walnut wood is used on the existing wall of the house and continues onto the ceiling and out into the carport.  The continous lines created by the strips of wood connect the inside to the outside and focuses the view to the exterior sunlight.