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Hand Drawing Manipulation6 medium qualit

Dual Horizon

As the Robie house approaches the event horizon of the black hole, the materials and structure are stretched and pulled apart as the building crosses the horizon line reaching towards The Singularity. The exponentially increasing gravitational force of the black hole disassembles the tectonic elements of the home, exaggerating the horizontality of the original building. The materiality of the structure is challenged as each of the elements react and shift differently based on their mass and internal properties. As the splintered pieces are stretched and their mass redistributed, the building matter breaks into planes and lines. These elements approach The Singularity, a single point that contains an infinite mass, yet takes up no space. Temperatures skyrocket as atoms being sucked in clash with atoms being thrown out by the revolution of the black hole itself. This instantly pulverizes almost all atoms, leaving little more than space dust. The Singularity becomes the point that breaks down Relativity and allows the rules of quantum mechanics to come into play. Zooming in to the Singularity, the ideas of observing and state of being are challenged. In this microcosm, the very act of observing an action can change its outcome. Here it is possible to simultaneously exist in multiple places. It is theorized, that the self-destruction of this point was the cause of the Big Bang. Within this destruction exists the possibility for the rematerialization of the Robie House lines and planes into a new state of organization.

Fall 2013

Drawing Against Gravity [seminar]


This theoretical seminar explored the condition of gravity and its interaction with architecture through various means of drawing.

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