Fall 2013

Studio VI


Professor:        Stepahanie Vito

Partner:            Hanna Ihrke



Urban Federal Prison



Based on research conducted, 61% of all

offenders become repeat offenders and incur increasing costs to the prison system due to two major reasons: a lack of positive interactions and programs within the prisons, and the perception the public has of prisoners.


This results in prisoners having a disdain

towards society upon release, and society

reciprocating the attitude by not providing jobs to prisoners that have finished their sentence. In order to address these issues, the prison focuses on rehabilitation through integration with the surrounding community.


Situated on the border of the U.S and Canada, this Fragmentation aims to blend prisoners and society through visual connections and economic exchange facilitated by an multileveled, intertwining circulation surrounding a public market complex run by prisoners. The angular market complex houses a public market,

car shop, doctors office, educational facilities, wood/metal shop, and a hydroponic farm. The prison becomes an economic destination for the surrounding area and provides prisoners with jobs and skills while helping the public through the sale of lower costs goods and services. This economic bridge between the public and the prisoner is extended through a cross-border bridge that is zoned to create a future economic development site for the Canadian border.