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Front Yard

Front Yard is the culmination of a year-long course called Small Built Works taught by architect Brad Wales. This course started by designing multimedia projection structures that would project media art on the face of the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo.


Several designs were developed in the first semester of the course and presented to the board of trustees at the Birchfield. One design [Brito's] was chosen from the class to move forward to design development.


In order for construction budgets to be set, an RFP package was assembled by the class in order to get price quotes on the installation of the media equipment required in the towers. Construction of the final tower design took place over the summer of 2013, resulting in a permanent art installation lining the high traffic Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY

Fall 2012/Spring 2013

UB Small Built Works


Professor: Brad Wales


Team Members: Isabella Brito, Hanna Ihrke, Ryan Sidor, Ian Liu, Trenton Van Epps, Brian Belluscio,Andrew Durkee, Ryan Dussault, You-Chiang Feng, David Heaton

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