himalayas museum

Spring 2014

Profesional Work done at ASAP


Architect: Adam Sokol

Location:  Shanghai, China



The Himalayas Museum was designed to be situated within the existing Himalayas Centre designed 􀀃􀀤􀁔􀁃􀁖􀁃􀀃􀀬􀁕􀁑􀁜􀁃􀁍􀁋􀀑􀀃􀀤􀁕􀀃􀁃􀀃􀃗􀁈􀁑􀁗􀁐􀁆􀃘􀀃􀁕􀁒􀁃􀁅􀁇􀀃􀃓􀀃􀁃􀀃􀁔􀁃􀁙􀀃􀁗􀁐􀄽􀁐􀁋􀁕􀁊􀁇􀁆􀀃􀁅􀁑􀁐􀁅􀁔􀁇􀁖􀁇􀀃􀁋􀁐􀁖􀁇􀁔􀁋􀁑􀁔􀀃􀁙􀁋􀁖􀁊􀀃􀁕􀁑􀁃􀁔􀁋􀁐􀁉􀀃􀀔􀀘􀁏􀀃􀁅􀁇􀁋􀁎􀁋􀁐􀁉􀀃􀁋􀁖􀀃􀁊􀁃􀁆􀀃􀁃􀀃􀁒􀁃􀁔􀁖􀁋􀁅􀁗􀁎􀁃􀁔􀀃􀁒􀁑􀁙􀁇􀁔􀀃􀁃􀁐􀁆􀀃􀁔􀁇􀁕􀁑􀁐􀁃􀁐􀁅􀁇􀀃􀁙􀁋􀁖􀁊􀀃􀁖􀁊􀁇􀀃􀄽􀁇􀁎􀁆􀀃􀁑􀁈􀀃􀁅􀁑􀁐􀁖􀁇􀁏􀁒􀁑􀁔􀁃􀁔􀁛􀀃􀁃􀁔􀁖􀀑􀀃􀀷􀁊􀁗􀁕􀀃􀁋􀁖􀀃􀁙􀁃􀁕􀀃􀁆􀁇􀁅􀁋􀁆􀁇that, rather than obscuring this construction, three “rocks” housing the museum’s tripartite program of contemporary art, classical art, and education, could be situated within the existing structure, 􀁖􀁊􀁇􀁔􀁇􀁄􀁛􀀃􀁅􀁔􀁇􀁃􀁖􀁋􀁐􀁉􀀃􀁃􀀃􀁖􀁇􀁐􀁕􀁋􀁑􀁐􀀃􀁄􀁇􀁖􀁙􀁇􀁇􀁐􀀃􀁐􀁇􀁙􀀃􀁃􀁐􀁆􀀃􀁑􀁎􀁆􀀏􀀃􀁋􀁐􀁕􀁋􀁆􀁇􀀃􀁃􀁐􀁆􀀃􀁑􀁗􀁖􀁕􀁋􀁆􀁇􀀏􀀃􀁔􀁃􀁙􀀃􀁃􀁐􀁆􀀃􀁔􀁇􀄽􀁐􀁇􀁆􀀑

The centre of the space was reserved for large scale installations. The “lecture” rock, facing this space, could be “sliced,” rendering the main exhibition visible to seated occupants and vice versa. 􀀷􀁊􀁇􀀃􀃗􀁕􀁅􀁊􀁑􀁎􀁃􀁔􀃕􀁕􀃘􀀃􀁔􀁑􀁅􀁍􀀃􀁙􀁑􀁗􀁎􀁆􀀃􀁈􀁗􀁐􀁅􀁖􀁋􀁑􀁐􀀃􀁃􀁕􀀃􀁃􀀃􀁏􀁗􀁕􀁇􀁗􀁏􀀃􀁙􀁋􀁖􀁊􀁋􀁐􀀃􀁃􀀃􀁏􀁗􀁕􀁇􀁗􀁏􀀏􀀃􀁙􀁋􀁖􀁊􀀃􀁆􀁇􀁆􀁋􀁅􀁃􀁖􀁇􀁆􀀃􀁕􀁒􀁃􀁅􀁇􀁕􀀃􀁈􀁑􀁔􀀃􀁃􀀃􀀕􀀘􀁏􀀃

handscroll, a relocated Ming-dynasty pavilion, a contemporary scholar’s studio, and a private terrace. The “contemporary” rock would house a series of white cube galleries of various proportions, from

small and intimate to soaring and grand, and including a hidden reclining Buddha. The interstitial space between these galleries and the shell of the rock would function as an “underground” museum,