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Space Between the Lines

Drawing inspiration from the restaurant’s interior, SPACE BETWEEN THE LINES intends to develop the Steer’s street presence by modernizing the existing materiality and encouraging universal access for those approaching from the street scape. Rather than a large scale design renovation which would disrupt the Steer’s existing dynamic, this proposal attempts to rebrand in an economically conscious way. Other than a reconfiguring of the vestibule in order to facilitate a more comfortable threshold, only minimal additions will be made to the façade. Strips of dark, rustic wood create a vertical pulse along the exterior that are reminiscent of the existing rhythm of the brick pillars currently lining the Steer. Our proposal also attempts to reveal the original brick as well as to add modern exterior lighting in order to create a safe an inviting restaurant entrance. Furthermore, we are expanding the size of the windows of the first floor to allow more light into the space.

Spring 2015



Partner: Micaela Barker



Facade and Exterior Space Renovation

KEEPER  1 vis port redo
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