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Texas Guest Home

Simple, Clean, Elegant, Beautiful. This design sits at a corner junction of the property. Bringing in from one direction and cleanly transitioning the user into the rear of the property. The main design concept came from the clear provided brief. There are two main sections of the program. On the bottom is mass for storing four vehicles and on top sits the guest living quarters, providing a beautiful
view of the pool. The two programs were stacked on top of each other and then rotated to allow for a visual transition as well as create more flexible living and entertainment space for the building. The clear rotation reads after the fact and provides a covered sitting and relaxing area for both the apartment and for the pool area below. Allowing multiple parties to either privately or jointly enjoy the space. 

The below garage houses four cars spaciously and opens into the wet bar and grill area under the overhang. At this rotation point the user transitions from arriving at home to enjoying the environment. Besides the wet bar and mini kitchen, there are places to sit and relax below the overhang. This space can be closed through sliding doors or can be opened up allowing for a clear transition to the firepit patio and the pool area.

The upstairs guest quarters can be accessed via a wheelchair-accessible lift from below or a stairway leading to the top. The guest quarters have a spacious master bedroom with a king-sized bed that opens up to a private covered outside patio. There is a full bath with access directly to the master bedroom and a half bath for the rest of the apartment. The main living area has ample space for relaxing and has a full kitchen mixed into the space with a beautiful view of the outside.

The clean horizontal lines of the design allow it blend into the environment and extend out to the horizon. The material palette is based on the grey tones found in the existing house and introduces wooden elements as a natural accent material to the house.

Designer: David Heaton

Competition Winner 2015

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Final Image Guest House
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