timber spine

Fall 2015

Bauhaus Universitat Weimar


Designers: David Heaton, Sandra Huezo

Location:  Weimar, Germany

Professor: Mischa Proll


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TIMBER SPINE is a parametric pavilion designed by David Heaton and Sandra Huezo as an exploration in creating a freeform structure that consists of no metal hardware connections. The project was approached first as a material study of timber laths. The design originated
from an interlocking bending wood system, using the curvature of wood and its resulting force in order to define shape and transfer loads efficiently. All connections are 5-axis slotted connections to reduce the use of hardware. Rigid, continuous ‘spines’ are used as connective elements for the bending system as well as to delineate and frame the overall form and dimensions of the structure. Two corners of the pavilion are lifted through a rotation in the central spine to allow for entry on two ends of the structure. Because of the lifted corners, there is a straight, open passage through the pavilion. The spine splits at near the center in order to define a space for a bar and serving area to be used during the 2015 Summary.