tokyo replay

Spring 2012

UB Nomas Competition Entry


Team Members: Timothy Ung, Fang Yang, David Heaton, Eric Becker, James Kubiniec


Leisure Center in Tokyo: Smart Park


With the inclusion of mobile devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets, people are able to move away from static spaces such as internet cafes and use public spaces like parks and lounges. Using this idea of mobility, Smart Park creates a new typology where occupants are able to traverse throughout the building and watch videos and films, play games, or read in a natural environment. In Yoyogi Park, people

gather and play video games or sing out loud with friends. Smart Park takes this

idea of mobile devices and nomadic lifestyles to construct multi-purpose spaces for occupants. Nature is

incorporated into the overall design, embedding wireless routers and devices

within the floors. People are able to connect from anywhere within the building and access different rooms and spaces through the use of a mobile application. As soon as one enters the building, an application is automatically downloaded to their mobile device and provides the occupants with directions throughout the building. They are also able to rent spaces such as karaoke

rooms by reserving the room from anywhere within the building. Today’s

technology makes film, anime, manga, and videogaming spaces obsolete. Smart Park combines the trends of gathering in parks and using mobile devices to redefine existing typologies for these media programs.