living wall

Spring 2010

Studio II


Professors:        Matt Hume, Chris Romano,

                          Nick Bruscia, 

Partners:            Hanna Ihrke, Vadim Fedorashin,                                Danny Boyle, Andrew Kim,

                           Amanda Mumford



Micro Habitat



A single cut was made into a 6’ x 6’ x 8’

cube. The mass was then shifted to allow for programming, light, and functionality.


A conic system was developed to create

an incision into the original volume, which

creates a dynamic and bold form both on

the interior and exterior. Using a single end

point in space, two cones were inscribed into the original volume and then broken apart to redefine the cube as a unit that can potentially house six people.


The conic segment that was separated from the original mass was pulled back along a slanted cylindrical surface and hinged upward to create an entrance, sleeping spaces and circulation path through the structure. Movement is guided by curved entries and surfaces unique to the project.


The project was then built at 1:1 scale within the studios. Emphasis was placed on the ability for the strucuture to return to the shape of the original uncut volume for transportation purposes. The finished micro habitat was then packaged and transported to Griffith’s Sculpture park where it was assembled in modules and remained as public art installation for two years.