va cfm open office proposal

Summer 2012

Profesional Work done at Veterans Administration

Department of Construction and Facility Planning


Location: Vallejo, California



This office proposal seeks to take advantage of the site's great view and natural day lighting and create a open breathable space. Rather use individual cubicles for office workers, the choice was made to change the way office work could be done. The idea of "hotel seating" was implemented. In this option, the office employees have a choice of where they want to sit depending on the type of work they need to do for the day. For example, they could choose to work on their laptops while sitting in a comfy couch if all they needed to do was type up a report and respond to emails. On the other hand, there are options to sit at a variety of desk types that allow for flexibility in surface space and privacy all to accommodate the current needs of the employees. This style of choice seating empowers the employee by allowing them to choose where and how they work.