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Visual Lineation

Winter Stations Competition

Our project, Visual Lineation, seeks to create a physical space through the material manifestation of the lines of sight of a lifeguard from atop their stand. A lifeguard stand represents more than just a static presence of safety on the beach, it also embodies many human actions and motions made from that elevated plane.

As a visitor approaches the installation, they see the pixelated field created by the ends of the wooden vectors. As they get closer, the movement of the visitor activates the structure giving the appearance that the vectors are in constant motion, creating a visual rhythm of shifting perceptions.

Moving to the interior of the structure, the visitor is confronted with two perceptions of the space. The pixelated ends of the wooden vectors create a feeling of enclosure while simultaneously leading the view of the visitor outwards showing the openness and transparency of the space. The life guard stand invites the visitor to climb upwards causing a shift in the perceptual grid of the wooden ends around them. Looking out from the top of the stand, the elevated plane re-sensualizes the horizon line. This creates an altered engagement with the surrounding context; one that connects the visitor directly to the space beyond their immediate being.

Designers: Ryu Ahn & David Heaton


01_View to the Ocean
01_View to the Ocean_EDIT
191111_Winter Station Section-2-03
191112_Winter Station Axon-01
191111_Winter Station Plan
191111_Winter Station Elevation
Detail View
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